Untidy Desk ? – You Are Probably An Entrepreneur

Are you one of those people who likes things neat and tidy or don’t you really care so long as you can find stuff when needed ?  If you fall into the clutter category you may be an entrepreneur.

Some people like order, whether it be in the work environment or at home.  Things need to be prepared and planned and, as each task is completed, it is carefully ticked off the well crafted list.  Their office desk looks like it is about to receive a visit by the Queen and the well positioned accessories are nicely matched to give the perception of order and tranquillity.

I’m a little different, my desk looks like it recently lost the will to live having sustained irreparable damage from a team of marines.  A stack of books is piled high interspersed with protruding post-it notes stuck to pages which were once important enough to tag but the reason has long drifted into a distant memory.  Even my pen box is a mess, nice box but the pens are strewn all over the desk.

You get the picture, but what you may not know, the desk is the most creative area in my universe, the majority of my entrepreneurial ideas are formed right at this centre of seeming chaos.

Of course the chaos, doesn’t need to be a desk, it can be anywhere you work and for many the laptop is their entrepreneurial hub so if you have an untidy desktop you are probably innovating too.

Of course, being untidy does not necessarily correlate to entrepreneurial activity, it could just mean you are untidy but if you do fall into this category ask yourself the following:

  • Are there lots of different strands of exploration activity going on ?
  • After a mass tidy-up does it go back to ‘normal state‘ within a few days ?
  • Can you quickly find the ‘important‘ stuff ?
  • Are the tools to allow you to record innovative thought front and centre ?

If the answer to these questions is a resounding ‘YES’ and

You either do make lists but don’t follow them OR you don’t make lists…

Welcome to the Entrepreneur world, filled with creatives, lover of chaos and hater of order.







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