The Startup’s Biggest Mistake – Forgetting The Customer

When we decide to kick off a new business and making our first customer sale, we put all our energy in getting it launched.  There are so many things to think about, it’s amazing how many of us manage to get through the maze of tasks.

  • Getting the product ready
  • Ensuring there are enough funds to get you to launch
  • Securing enough funds to give you that all important runway following launch
  • Balancing the day job with all the additional work required to kick things off
  • Marketing:
    • Getting the message out there
    • Not forgetting the social media
    • Snazzy and shiny new website
    • Networking
  • Sales:
    • Setting up the team
    • Sales and marketing material
    • Funds

The task list can be huge but there is one important task that you must never leave off the list…

  • Customer:
    • Support
    • Service
    • Relationship

We can get bogged down focusing on the immediate problem (getting the startup launched) that we forget the simple fact that, once we get our first customer we are no longer in development mode, we are now in a whole new ball game.  Customer support.

When you get that essential first customer you are then juggling the business development tasks with the additional burden of keeping your existing customer happy.  It’s a huge ask but the earlier you prepare, the better you will cope and the better you cope, the more chance you have of success.

Don’t forget your customers when preparing to launch your product.  You need them.


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